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The best Mother's Day gift! Your mom will love this creative Cow Skull decoration

Soft pastel, resin succulents and cactus cascade over this faux resin bovine.Would fit beautifully in a southwest desert styled room or nursery.(This succulent is just a decoration, not a plant)

Soft pastel, resin roses and flowers cascade over this resin bovine.Would fit beautifully in a boho styled room or nursery.

Product Description

Materials: resin, love


  • "SMALL":6"wide x 6"high x 2"deep(12cm x 12cm x 3cm)
  • "LARGE":10"wide x 10"high x 3.5"deep(20cm x 20cm x 5cm)

Note: Keyhole attachment on the back.Use appropiate size screws to mount.

Our Story

While living in Bali we discovered that the creation of art from animal skulls of highly appreciated animals supports the ancient Balinese beliefs and traditions that we should not waste anything, and instead cherish every single thing, a similar principle that is important to us. We believe that life is a precious gift, and death is a mystery, which is why we must make the most of all the time in between. Our handcrafted carved skulls is a reminder to all that no one should take anything for granted, ever!