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Men's Gold Silver Two-tone Punk Ring Heroic Knight Party Hip Pop Jewelry #7-11

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Gender : Men Material : Alloy Style : Punk Occasion : Party Item Type : Rings

Ring Size:

US 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

US Size 5(Dia): 15.8mm/0.59" (Approx.)

US Size 6(Dia): 16.4mm/0.65" (Approx.)

US Size 7(Dia): 17.3mm/0.68" (Approx.)

US Size 8(Dia): 18.1mm/0.71" (Approx.)

US Size 9(Dia): 18.9mm/0.74" (Approx.)

US Size 10(Dia):19.8mm/0.77" (Approx.)

US Size 11(Dia):20.6mm/0.81"(Approx.)

US Size 12(Dia):21.8mm/0.86"(Approx.)


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