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Wood Wall Art --Wooden microscopic view of sunrise and sunset

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This mountain wood art has layers of wood creating a sunrise scene complete with a sun, clouds, mountains in a variety of wood stains, trees and a lake. Creating a 3D mountain scape, perfect for any gallery wall, kids room, bedroom, or home decor.

Each piece comes with a dark walnut frame mountain range will look as close to the first image as possible. The center of the piece as a sky overlap, this is intentional to give the sky more depth/add to the 3D nature of the piece.

Wood does vary with how it absorbs stain, as well as grain pattern. Larger sizes, vary a little more due to the stretching of the mountain pieces. Each piece is designed with the very first image on the listing in mind.

The options are as described:

Replicate photos- I will replicate the photos to the best of my ability with the knowledge that wood grain/stain absorption may differ slightly

Surprise me- similar concept: sky, mountains, lake, trees, but with a whole new layout. The sky will be the same UNLESS YOU SPECIFY you want it different: You may request two color pops to incorporate into the sky/sunset. Colors are: slate grey, orange, yellow, sage green, teal blue, bright green, white wash.

We do NOT install any hardware for hanging on our pieces. The frames are made with a big enough lip that a set of nails in any wall will do, OR you can just set it on any shelf or mantle and it will stand tall. We also understand that not all house walls are created equal, so leaving the hardware to the customers ensures the most secure fit for your home.
No frame nor background piece of wood will be identical to the images. Each piece of wood takes on its own life. Grain marks, "eye" or "knot" divot imperfections, different color of stain absorption, this is what working with wood is. A completely unique piece each time.
Size: 40*12cm
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